GQ Customz

Footwear you can feel.

GQ Customz is a modern custom footwear artist specializing in unique, one of a kind pieces for the ultimate sneaker enthusiast. 

How We Work

Our 3-Step PRocess

1. Initial Consultation

We take the time needed to understand your design aesthetics, theme and color scheme and make sure to note everything in your order.

2. Shoe Customization

Where the magic happens. We take the information gathered from the initial consultation and create a one of a kind shoe for you.

3. Delivery

Once you have had a chance to review the design digitally, we shrink wrap your newly designed footwear and arrange for delivery or pickup.

Sneaker Spotlight

"Bakugo Goes Boom"

Bakugo Reebok by GQ Customz

Angelus Direct

Finisher: Liquid Kicks Official

Custom Sneaker

Featured PRojects

"Thrash Em"

Adidas Customs 

"What the...banksy"

Jordan 1 Customs

Purple Drippin'

Jordan 1 Customs


What our clients say

Meet The Team

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Johana Moris
Ski Instructor
Anna smith
Personal Trainer
Jason Bourne
Ski Instructor

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